Acoustic Insulation

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Acoustic Insulation

Noise is something we live with everyday and these days finding a quiet space after a hard day at work can be hard work. Research has shown that excessive levels of noise within a home can create higher levels of stress, limit learning in children and raise anxiety levels.

Acoustic insulation can greatly reduce sound transmission from outside the home and between rooms by breaking up the path of sound which travels in waves like air and water. Acoustic insulation is designed to absorb or reflect noise or sound. So when the sound waves encounter the insulation they are partially deflected by the density of the product and partially absorbed due to the millions of interconnecting air pockets.

Noise control is very important for our health and well-being, reduce the risk of raised blood pressure and sleeping problems associated with noise and have your home sound proofed today. You deserve to enjoy some peace and quiet.

We use the following Acoustic Insulation to soundproof your home:

✓  Autex QuietStuf
✓  Bradford New Generation Soundscreen
✓  Earthwool Sound Control Batts


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When work is done in your attic or on your roof most likely there is a mess left behind. Over time more mess accumulates in your roof space and this could weigh your ceilings down.


All our work is quality assurance guarantee. Insulvac takes pride in all aspects of our service delivery ensuring we leave you happy with our work and service.


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Because Lead is cheap and useful, it is found in many products and places in the environment. Over the years large amounts of dust collect in your roof space, often containing lead; we could be talking about your attic right now!


We cannot put enough emphasis on the immediate benefits for your family and the long-term benefits for our environment from insulation removal and replacement. It’s a smart move for everybody.


Insulation is a cost effective investment to improving your home’s overall energy efficiency and result in dramatic reductions on your energy bills. Some types of insulation can also make your home more soundproof.