Downlight Covers – Isolite

Recessed downlights are a very popular form of lighting for many good reasons, however they are a high fire risk, reduce the effectiveness of insulation and contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Ceiling fires caused by downlights are very dangerous as they often get out of control before they can be detected. Without an approved fire resistant enclosure, downlights are left exposed above your ceiling and can become the foundation of undesirable consequences.

When installing insulation, in compliance with regulation we leave a 200mm clearance around downlights. This allows halogens to dissipate heat to reduce the risk of fire however substantial heating and cooling is still wasted through this clearance.

Overtime, loose material builds up around any high temperature globe increasing the risk of fire in your ceiling. Even hazardous elements such as dust allergens, toxins and insects enter your indoor environment through unsealed downlights.

By fitting your downlights with approved fire resistant enclosures or downlight guards like Isolite is becomes isolated from these hazards, reduces the huge insulation clearance, increasing the energy efficiency of your home, reducing energy bills whilst you enjoy a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.