Glasswool Overview

Glasswool insulation offers proven thermal and acoustic performance. It is made largely from recycled glass and is more bio soluble than before; meaning that if you happen to inhale some fibres it is rapidly cleared from the body.

Glasswool batts are inexpensive, easy to cut and fire resistant. The fibres trap tiny pockets of air making them poor conductors resisting heat flow entering your house from outside when it’s hot, and trapping warmth inside when it’s cold outside. Like all bulk insulation glasswool batts act like a sponge to help soak up energy thus reducing unwanted noise from outside your home and from room to room.

Features of glasswool insulation:

  • Non-combustible
  • Highly sustainable
  • Doesn’t sustain vermin
  • Will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria

We use a range of glasswool batts that are bonded thermally so there are no added chemicals such as phenol and formaldehyde. They are also classified as low allergen as they emit no measurable volatile organic compounds, which are known to trigger allergies.

Studies have shown that there a no long term health concerns from using glasswool insulation and has been classified by the national Occupational Health and Safety Commission as non-hazardous. However glasswool can cause short term irritation to the skin, eyes, nose and throat so we use Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) including protective clothing to prevent any discomfort when handling these materials.

Our glasswool insulation range includes: