Roof Ventilation

Considering the heat inside your roof can reach temperatures of up to 600C, ventilation is extremely important to reduce this heat build-up that can radiate in to your home.

Ventilation ensures the air never becomes musty by expelling the hot air and replacing it with cooler, ambient air. Air almost always contains water vapour which can damage your home if it is not circulating. Good ventilation exhausts the very hot air that’s trapped in your attic preventing damage to ceilings and roof timbers and the formation of mould and mildew.

By combining proper insulation with proper roof ventilation your home will be well equipped for both the extremes of summer and winter.


Benefits of roof ventilation:

  • Exhaust the very hot air trapped in the roof space and lowers inside temperatures
  • Removes dampness and condensation,
  • Improves bathroom and kitchen ventilation
  • Prevents damps conditions that cause mould and mildew
  • Provides effective natural ventilation of roof space
  • Makes insulation work far more effectively
  • Reduces air conditioning and heating costs

For attic ventilation we recommend:

Windmaster and TurboBeam Ventilators

  • Provides natural ventilation powered by the wind
  • TurboBeam enables natural light to enter the attic space

Maestro and AiroMatic Ventilators

  • Effective ventilation in all climates
  • Reliable operation regardless of wind speed 
  • Minimal energy running costs