Insulation Services

Did you know? HALF of the energy we use to heat or cool our homes can simply leak out without insulation.

Insulation is a cost effective investment to improving your home’s overall energy efficiency and result in dramatic reductions on your energy bills. Some types of insulation can also make your home more soundproof.

Benefits of Insulation:

  • Acts as a barrier to heat loss and heat gain, particularly in roofs and ceilings.
  • Helps keep your home cooler during the heat waves in summer
  • Helps keep your home warmer in winter
  • Reduces the use of your heater and air conditioning systems, allowing them to operate more efficiently, making them more reliable and extending their life thus;
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions generated by heating and cooling
  • Dramatically improves the level of comfort you experience in your home from season to season

Insulvac specialises in safely and properly installing a wide range of quality environmentally friendly insulation products specific to your needs. We use insulation products that are of Australian Standards, compliant with the Building Code of Australia, insect and vermin resistant and fire retardant.

Our highly trained insulation contractors pay careful attention to detail when installing insulation as incorrect or inappropriate installation has a significant impact on the performance of the insulation.

We’re especially careful when it comes to downlights. In accordance with regulations we leave a clearance of 200mm around them for the dissipation of heat to reduce fire hazard. At Insulvac we like to take safety to another level with the option of installing downlight guards to further reduce the fire devastation exposed downlights in your ceiling can bring. Downlight guards also reduce the energy waste through the insulation clearance.

With energy costs on the rise there’s never been a better time for Insulvac to insulate your home. Reduce the wasteful use of energy in your home. 

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