Lead Testing Services

Because Lead is cheap and useful, it is found in many products and places in the environment. Over the years large amounts of dust collect in your roof space, often containing lead; we could be talking about your attic right now!

This toxic lead dust build-up is from sources such as nearby industrial pollution, exhaust from cars, fumes from burning wood or coal, renovations in your home or neighbouring homes and breakdown of lead paint in pre 1970 buildings.

No roof cavity is airtight, ceiling dust can plume into your living areas through ventilation fans, light fittings, ducts and poorly fitted ceilings. Lead dust coming from your roof space can cause allergies, increased asthma problems and health issues especially in young children and pregnant women who are most at risk.

Studies have shown that children affected by lead can have learning and attention problems, hearing loss, slowed growth and behaviour problems. Low levels of exposure in adults can cause joint and muscle pain, high blood pressure and infertility. Higher levels can cause memory loss, nerve problems and at very high levels, fits.

Unless tests have proven otherwise, it must be assumed that all ceiling, wall and floor dust in pre 1970 buildings contain lead. However, all ceiling dust has the potential to be hazardous and it is at its most harmful when disturbed and distributed to living areas of a dwelling posing a health risk and exposing occupants especially children to elevated levels of metals and fine particulates.

Before any maintenance or renovation work should commence arrange a ceiling dust inspection with us:

  • A visual of your roof space via a manhole is done especially to check for asbestos
  • Samples of the mixed ceiling dust are taken
  • Samples are then sent to the Sydney Analytical Laboratories (accredited by NATA - the National Association of Testing Authorities)
  • Numerical results will be sent out and are then forwarded to the LEAD Group to explain in writing what the results mean

Knowing what the results mean and where the lead is coming from in your home or workplace will shed light on how it affects your living working environment especially your health and the best method to reduce the risks i.e. remove the source by professional toxic dust extraction and vacuuming.

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