Here us some background information about Lead Poisoning from WikiPedia.  It helps to understand the risks of lead in the household.  If your house is older it cold be a potential source of environmental lead dust.  Contact Insulvac and we can give you our expert opinion and offer a solution to ensure safety and peace of mind. 

“Some lead compounds are colorful and are used widely in paints and lead paint is a major route of lead exposure in children. It has been found that 38 million housing units in the US had lead-based paint, down from the 1990 estimate of 64 million. The proportions would be similar in Australia.

Deteriorating lead paint can produce dangerous lead levels in household dust and soil. Deteriorating lead paint and lead-containing household dust are the main causes of chronic lead poisoning. The lead breaks down into the dust and since children are more prone to crawling on the floor, it is easily ingested.

Many young children like eating things that are not food. Even a small amount of a lead-containing product such as a paint chip or a sip of glaze can contain tens or hundreds of milligrams of lead. Eating chips of lead paint presents a particular hazard to children, generally producing more severe poisoning than occurs from dust. Because removing lead paint from dwellings, e.g. by sanding or torching creates lead-containing dust and fumes, it is generally safer to seal the lead paint under new paint (excepting moveable windows and doors, which create paint dust when operated). Alternately, special precautions must be taken if the lead paint is to be removed.” – Wikipedia