It is important to have your roof vacuumed and toxic dust extracted from ceilings when:

  • your home has a damaged or collapsed roof from a storm or high winds
  • you are renovating or extending your home
  • you are adding skylights, electrical cables or attic ladders
  • your ceiling is damaged or cracked
  • you carry out any work in the ceiling


HEPA filters are used as part of our vacuum filtration systems. The HEPA filter traps the fine particles of toxic dust, chemical pollutants, asbestos particles and even the dust from mite faeces that can trigger allergies and asthma symptoms.


Lead can affect anybody, but children under the age of four and pregnant women are most at risk. Lead can affect children by causing learning and attention problems, hearing loss, slowed growth and behavior problems. Lead can affect adults too. Low levels of exposure can cause joint and muscle pain, high blood pressure and infertility. Higher levels can cause memory loss, nerve problems and at very high levels, fits.

Source: “The Lead Group. The Lead Education and Abatement Group” – Lead Safe Facts 1998